21 Years in the Recruitment market – as Candidate, Employer, External & Internal Recruiter - highlighted certain annoying facts about the Recruitment Industry that screamed for a solution!


After more than 5 years of market research, a service addressing the needs of Job Seekers (Candidates)  could not be found and we have decided that the question so many candidates ask:

 “Can you find me a job?” definitely needed a POSITIVE answer. 

The Candidate’s main goals for his/ her job search is usually one or more of four factors :

  • To find a suitable position – which is usually paramount.

  • To find a position in a different geographical area.

  • To find a position that is a step up the career ladder from the current.

  • To find a position offering a better remuneration package.

We provide you with Jobseeker services or we can act as your agent